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Swim Meets Between 9/1/2018 And 3/25/2019
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DateMeet NameMeet TypeLocation
9/29/2018NE 2018 KING Fall Fiesta #1Out-of-state SanctionedBristol, RI
10/5/2018CT RYWC October Distance CarniCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/6/2018CT CPAC October AGQCT SanctionedStamford, CT
10/6/2018CT NCY 2018 High Noon QuadrathCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
10/6/2018CT NCY 2018 PentathlonCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
10/6/2018CT RYWC October InviteCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/7/2018CT Water Rat 8&Under Meet OCSCT Off-Calendar SanctionedWestport, CT
10/12/2018CT 2018 CAC Fall Distance InviCT Off-Calendar SanctionedGroton, CT
10/12/2018CT 2018 GRYM October InvitatioCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
10/12/2018CT MAC 2018 Fall Age Group QuaCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
10/13/2018CT 2018 CAC Fall Sprint Mini MCT SanctionedGroton, CT
10/13/2018CT 2018 Wilton Wahoo Senior LoCT SanctionedWilton, CT
10/13/2018CT Bulldog Swimming Season OpeCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
10/13/2018CT October Qualifier @ UConnCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
10/13/2018CT RYWC October 8 and Under QuCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/19/2018CT RYWC October 1650 DistanceCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/19/2018CT WWRX Freestyle Frenzy 2018CT SanctionedWindsor, CT
10/20/2018CT CDOG 13th Annual IMX CupCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
10/20/2018MR 2018 YMID Fall FestivalOut-of-state SanctionedWhite Plains, NY
10/21/2018CT 2018 GRIT Sprint PentathlonCT SanctionedNew Britain, CT
10/21/2018CT WHAT 2018 12 under PentathlCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
10/24/2018CT 2018 Piranha Distance MeetCT SanctionedDarien, CT
10/24/2018CT OBS Girls 2018 SWC C-FinalsCT ObservedMonroe, CT
10/24/2018CT PSDY 2018 SC 9-12 yr old 20CT SanctionedDarien, CT
10/26/2018CT 2018 LEHY Autumn Aquafest DCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
10/27/2018CT 2018 LEHY Autumn Aquafest QCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
10/27/2018CT SHARKS Backstroke MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
10/27/2018CT Stingray 2018 50 FreestyleCT SanctionedBranford, CT
10/27/2018CT Wahoos 12 & under 2018 KickCT SanctionedWilton, CT
10/28/2018CT MJCC Halloween Distance MeeCT SanctionedWest Hartford, CT
11/1/2018CT 2018 OBS SCC Champio-FinalsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
11/2/2018CT 2018 CDOG November DistanceCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
11/2/2018CT CPAC November AGQCT SanctionedStamford, CT
11/2/2018CT OBS 2018 CCC East - Girls-FinalsCT ObservedGlastonbury, CT
11/3/2018CT RYWC 10 & Under SpooktaculaCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
11/3/2018MR 2018 GAEL November InvitatiOut-of-state SanctionedNew Rochelle, NY
11/3/2018MR 2018 GAEL November InvitationalOut-of-state SanctionedNew Rochelle, NY
11/7/2018CT 2018 Piranha 1650 MeetCT SanctionedDarien, CT
11/7/2018CT PSDY 2018 SC 9-12 yr old 20CT SanctionedDarien, CT
11/10/2018CT 2018 CAC Cardinal Fall InviCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
11/10/2018CT 2018 CAC Cardinal Fall MiniCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
11/10/2018CT 2018 Maura Marden FreestyleCT SanctionedWestport, CT
11/10/2018CT HHAC 12 & Under PentathlonCT SanctionedHamden, CT
11/10/2018CT HHAC 8 and Under QuadrathonCT SanctionedHamden, CT
11/10/2018CT OBS CIAC Class L ChampCT ObservedNew Haven/Middletown, CT
11/10/2018CT OBS CIAC Class LL Ch-FinalsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
11/10/2018CT OBS CIAC Class M Cha-FinalsCT ObservedMiddletown, CT
11/10/2018CT OBS CIAC Class S Cha-FinalsCT ObservedMiddletown, CT
11/11/2018CT VSYM November PentathlonCT SanctionedWestbrook, CT
11/15/2018CT OBS CIAC Girls-FinalsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
11/16/2018CT 2018 Middle School MadnessCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
11/16/2018CT 2018 WHAT November DistanceCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
11/16/2018CT Centennial Center DistanceCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
11/16/2018CT Pam Libertiny Qualifier DisCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
11/16/2018CT SOCO New Haven QualifierCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
11/16/2018CT2018 Wilton Wahoos YMCA ThanCT ApprovedWilton, CT
11/17/2018CT 2018 8 and Under Mini MeetCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
11/17/2018CT 2018 Pam Libertiny QualifieCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
11/17/2018CT Centennial Center InvitatioCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
11/17/2018CT Sharks Distance MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
11/17/2018CT WHAT 2018 November Age GrouCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
11/18/2018CT MJCC 10 and under MeetCT SanctionedHartford, CT
11/18/2018CT Turkey Trot 2018CT SanctionedGlastonbury, CT
11/28/2018US 2018 Time Trials Winter NatlsOut-of-state SanctionedGreensboro, NC
11/28/2018US 2018 Winter National ChampionsOut-of-state SanctionedGreensboro, NC
11/29/2018IN 2018 OLY Winter inviteOut-of-state SanctionedIndianapolis, IN
11/30/2018CT CPAC Christmas InviteCT SanctionedStamford, CT
11/30/2018CT RYWC Winter Inviational 201CT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
11/30/2018MA 2018 NLAC Winter SplashOut-of-state SanctionedUniversity Park, PA
11/30/2018NC AP 26th Annual YOTA ArOut-of-state ApprovedCary, NC
12/1/2018CT HHAC 12 and Under PentathloCT SanctionedHamden, CT
12/1/2018CT HHAC 8 and Under QuadrathonCT SanctionedHamden, CT
12/1/2018MA 2018 NLAC Winter Splash MinOut-of-state SanctionedUniversity Park, PA
12/2/2018CT 18-19 CDOG 10 & Under QuadrCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
12/2/2018CT Wilton Wahoos 12 & under IMCT SanctionedWilton, CT
12/5/2018US 2018 East Speedo Winter JuniorsOut-of-state SanctionedGreensboro, NC
12/5/2018US 2018 Time Trials Junior NationalsOut-of-state SanctionedGreensboro, NC
12/6/2018NE 2018 NSSC Dec InviteOut-of-state SanctionedCambridge, MA
12/6/2018PV 2018 NCAP InvitationalOut-of-state SanctionedCollege Park, MD
12/7/2018CT SOCO 17th Annual HutchinsonCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
12/7/2018MR AP CIY FLY Holiday InvOut-of-state ApprovedEast Meadow, NY
12/7/2018NE 2018 ABF Winter SolsticeOut-of-state SanctionedNorton, MA
12/13/2018NE 2018 SSA NE SeniorsOut-of-state SanctionedProvidence, RI
12/14/20182018 NJS EEX Holiday Classic XOut-of-state ApprovedPiscataway,
12/14/2018CT 2018 WHAT December SnowballCT Off-Calendar SanctionedMiddletown, CT
12/14/2018CT GRIT 2018 BlueDevil DecembeCT SanctionedNew Britain, CT
12/14/2018CT Husky December Trials - FinalsCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
12/14/2018CT Mariner December Distance MCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
12/14/2018MA 2018 LAC Holiday CupOut-of-state SanctionedLancaster, PA
12/14/2018MR 2018 NYSA TYR Holiday ClassicOut-of-state SanctionedWest Nyack, NY
12/15/2018CT 2018 Santa Claus ClassicCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
12/15/2018CT CPAC 2018 Candy Cane ClassiCT Off-Calendar SanctionedStamford, CT
12/15/2018CT SHARKS Holiday Distance MeeCT SanctionedStamford, CT
12/15/2018CT WHAT 2018 Snowball ClassicCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
12/20/2018CT APR 2018 Greenwich Town ChaCT ApprovedGreenwich, CT
1/4/2019CT SMST January Distance MeetCT SanctionedShelton, CT
1/4/2019NE 2019 ABF Trials Finals at BOut-of-state SanctionedBoston, MA
1/5/2019CT 2019 GRIT January QualifierCT SanctionedNew Britain, CT
1/5/2019CT SMST January Qualifier 2019CT SanctionedMonroe, CT
1/5/2019NE 2019 CRIM New Year's SplashOut-of-state SanctionedKingston, RI
1/11/2019CT RYWC January Distance MeetCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
1/12/2019CT 2019 CPAC New Year ClassicCT Off-Calendar SanctionedStamford, CT
1/12/2019CT RYWC IM Tough Challenge 201CT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
1/12/2019CT Sharks New Year Distance MeCT SanctionedStamford, CT
1/18/2019CT 2019 Marlins January InvitaCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
1/18/2019CT 2019 WYW Winter Qualifier RCT SanctionedWilton, CT
1/18/2019CT APRVD YMCA Swim & Dive ChamCT ApprovedWestport, CT
1/18/2019CT HMST 1650 FreeCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
1/18/2019CT SYS 12 & under Winter ClassCT SanctionedBranford, CT
1/18/2019NE 2019 CRIM Trials Finals WPICT SanctionedWorcester, MA
1/24/2019CT GYWD 2019 One Stop QualifieCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
1/25/2019CT Caiman Winter InvitationalCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
1/25/2019CT CDOG January Distance 2019CT SanctionedCHESHIRE, CT
1/25/2019CT HHAC Distance MeetCT SanctionedHamden, CT
1/25/2019CT MJCC Sharks InvitationalCT SanctionedWest Hartford, CT
1/25/2019MR 2019 HAWKS Trials And Finals InvitOut-of-state SanctionedMontgomery, NY
1/25/2019PV 2019 USA Swimming IM XtremeOut-of-state SanctionedCollege Park, MD
1/26/2019CT CDOG 2019 YMCA 9-12 ChampioCT ApprovedCHESHIRE, CT
1/26/2019CT HHAC InvitationalCT SanctionedHamden, CT
1/26/2019CT NCY Winter Caiman InvitatioCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
1/27/2019CT HMST 8 & U QuadrathonCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
1/31/2019CT GYWD 2019 One Stop QualifieCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
2/1/2019CT CPAC Distance InviteCT Off-Calendar SanctionedStamford, CT
2/1/2019CT OAK Centennial Center DistaCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
2/1/2019NE CCSC Down to the WireOut-of-state SanctionedBuzzards Bay, MA
2/2/2019CT CPAC February AGQCT SanctionedStamford, CT
2/2/2019CT OAK Centennial Center InvitCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
2/3/2019CT RYWC APRVD 8&Under YMCA ChaCT ApprovedBrookfield, CT
2/3/2019CT VSYM Superbowl PentathlonCT SanctionedWestbrook, CT
2/8/2019CT CDOG February Distance 2019CT SanctionedCheshire, CT
2/8/2019CT WAC "Everyone is Invited" ICT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
2/8/2019CT WHAT 2019 Trials and FinalsCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
2/9/2019CT Bulldog Swimming February ICT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
2/9/2019CT SHARKS Winter Distance MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
2/15/2019AD 2019 Region 1 Short Course InvOut-of-state SanctionedSchenectady, NY
2/15/2019MA OB 2019 EasternsOut-of-state ObservedLancaster, PA
2/15/2019NE 2019 CRA TYR SpecialtyOut-of-state SanctionedBrookline, MA
2/15/2019NE 2019 CRA TYR Specialty TTOut-of-state SanctionedBrookline, MA
2/17/2019CT HMST 8 & Under FinaleCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
2/21/2019CT Senior Championship SCCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
2/22/20192019 MR Metro Silver Central COut-of-state SanctionedNew York,
2/23/2019CT 2019 CPAC Presidents Day ClCT Off-Calendar SanctionedStamford, CT
2/23/2019CT 2019 OBS Founders' League-FCT ObservedLakeville, CT
2/23/2019CT OBS 2019 Fairchester Leag-FinalsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
2/26/2019CT OBS FCIAC Boys 2019-FinalsCT ObservedGreenwich,
2/27/2019CT 2019 OBS NEPSAC DIVISION IICT ObservedMiddletown, CT
2/27/2019CT OBS 2019 NEPSAC DIVISION 3CT ObservedWest Hartford, CT
2/27/2019CT OBS 2019 SCC Champio-FinalsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
2/28/2019CT OBS CCC East - Boys-FinalsCT ObservedGlastonbury, CT
3/1/2019CT Regional Championships HHAC&SLACCT SanctionedHamden, CT
3/1/2019CT Regional Championships CDOGCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
3/1/2019CT Regional Championships GRYMCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
3/1/2019CT Regional Championships hostCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
3/1/2019CT Regional Championships LEHYCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
3/2/2019NE 2019 NEPSAC DI CHAMPS-OBSOut-of-state ObservedDeerfield, MA
3/6/20192019 TPS Des MoinesOut-of-state SanctionedDes Moines,
3/6/20192019 TPSS #2 Des Moines - TTOut-of-state SanctionedDes Moines,
3/7/2019CT SC Senior Invite Hosted byCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
3/9/2019CT Regional Championships SATURDAY SOCOCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
3/14/20192019 CT Age Group ChampionshipCT SanctionedStamford, CT
3/14/2019CT Age Group ChampionshipCT SanctionedStamford, CT
3/14/2019WHAT 2019 Northeast ShowcaseCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
3/22/2019CT 2019 Northeast 8 and UnderCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
3/22/2019CT APR NE Regional YMCA All StCT ApprovedMiddletown, CT