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Swim Meets Between 4/1/2019 And 7/20/2019
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DateMeet NameMeet TypeLocation
4/1/2019NC 2019 AP YMCA Nat SCY TT OnlOut-of-state ApprovedGreensboro, NC
4/1/2019NC 2019 AP YMCA SCY NationalsOut-of-state ApprovedGreensboro, NC
4/3/2019EZ SC Age Group Swimming ChampionshipsOut-of-state SanctionedWebster, NY
4/10/2019FL 2019 ISCA TYR Elite Showcase AprvdOut-of-state ApprovedSt Petersburg, FL
4/10/2019US 2019 TT - TYR Pro Swim SeriesOut-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
4/10/2019US 2019 TYR Pro Swim Series #3 -Out-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
4/26/2019CT SAQ April Distance MeetCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
4/26/2019MR 2019 LIAC Speedo LI ChallengeOut-of-state SanctionedEast Meadow, NY
4/27/2019CT RYWC 2019 10&Under KickoffCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
4/27/2019CT SAQ April QualifierCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
4/28/2019CT 2019 12 & Under Spring ShowCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
5/3/2019CT 2019 CAC Cardinal LC Age GrCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
5/3/2019CT RYWC Senior Invite and 12&UCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
5/3/2019MR 2019 COND May Meters MatterOut-of-state SanctionedWest Nyack, NY
5/10/2019CT 2019 Water Rat Senior SprinCT SanctionedMIddletown, CT
5/11/2019CT Sharks Spring Distance MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
5/11/2019CT SMST 9-12 Pentathlon 8&U QuCT SanctionedMonroe, CT
5/17/2019CT 2019 CAC-SAQ Spring InvitatCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
5/17/2019CT 2019 CDOG May Distance MeetCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
5/17/2019CT 2019 GRYM May InviteCT Off-Calendar SanctionedGreenwich, CT
5/17/2019CT 2019 WHAT May InvitationalCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
5/17/2019CT 2019 Wilton Wahoo Summer QuCT SanctionedWilton, CT
5/17/2019CT RYWC 2019 Mako May InviteCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
5/17/2019GA 2019 Atlanta Classic Swim MOut-of-state SanctionedAtlanta, GA
5/17/2019Neptune International mai 201Out-of-state SanctionedMontreal, QC
5/18/2019CT 2019 CDOG May QualifierCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
5/18/2019CT CPAC May Age Group QualifieCT SanctionedStamford, CT
5/20/2019US APR ISF World Schools ChampionshipOut-of-state ApprovedRio de Janeiro, BR
5/25/2019MR 2019 AGUA Memorial Day InviteOut-of-state SanctionedNew York, NY
5/30/2019CT 2019 Wilton Wahoos Summer ICT SanctionedWilton, CT
5/31/20192019 NE NSSC MIT LCM SpecialtyOut-of-state SanctionedCambridge,
5/31/2019CT MAC AG Qualifier 2019CT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
5/31/2019CT RYWC 2019 YMCA LC ChampionCT ApprovedBrookfield, CT
6/1/2019CT BULL 2019 JUNE INVITECT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
6/1/2019NE 2019 KCY AP Sea Otter-OOut-of-state ApprovedWarwick, RI
6/1/2019NE 2019 MTSC LCM Specialty MeetOut-of-state SanctionedSpringfield, MA
6/2/2019CT Sharks June Distance MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
6/6/2019CT 2019 Water Rat 10 & Under MCT SanctionedWestport, CT
6/7/2019CT Woodbridge Aquatic Club InvCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
6/7/2019CT ZEUS 12th Annual Mayor's CuCT SanctionedNorwalk, CT
6/8/2019CT SLAC-CCAT 12 & Under PentatCT SanctionedWallingford, CT
6/12/2019CT 2019 Piranha Distance MeetCT SanctionedDarien, CT
6/13/2019CT 2019 GRIT LC Prelims-FinalsCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
6/13/2019NC 2019 SwimMAC Charlotte UltraOut-of-state SanctionedCharlotte, NC
6/14/2019CT 2019 CDOG June Distance MeeCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
6/14/2019CT 2019 GRIT Open QualifierCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
6/14/2019CT CPAC June Age Group QualifiCT SanctionedStamford, CT
6/14/2019PV 2019 SNOW June LC InvitatioOut-of-state SanctionedSterling, VA
6/15/2019CT 2019 ZEUS Spring InvitatioCT Off-Calendar SanctionedNorwalk, CT
6/15/2019CT 2019 CDOG June QualifierCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
6/21/2019CT 2019 CAC Summer InvitationaCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
6/21/2019CT 2019 Dennis Rodney Middle SCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
6/21/2019CT 2019 GRYM June InviteCT Off-Calendar SanctionedGreenwich, CT
6/21/2019CT SAQ June Distance MeetCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
6/21/2019MA 2019 JW Summer SolsticeOut-of-state SanctionedSewell, NJ
6/22/2019CT 2019 10&Under Summer SizzleCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
6/22/2019CT Oak Summer InviteCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
6/22/2019CT SAQ June QualifierCT SanctionedStorrs, CT
6/28/2019CT WHAT June InvitationalCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
6/28/2019NE MTSC June SpecialtyOut-of-state SanctionedSpringfield, MA
6/28/2019NE PHX June SpecialtyOut-of-state SanctionedManchester,
6/28/2019NJ Jeffrey S Mace Memorial SummerOut-of-state SanctionedPiscataway, NJ
6/29/20192019 EZ-CT Open Water ChampionCT SanctionedMiddlebury, CT
6/29/2019CT 17th Annual Kamana Wanna SwCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
6/29/2019CT 2019 BULL Last Chance MeetCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
7/5/2019AD Sharks Summer InviteOut-of-state SanctionedHamilton, NY
7/5/2019NE 2019 NSSC July 5-7 MITOut-of-state SanctionedCambridge, MA
7/5/2019NE 2019 NSSC July 5-7 MIT TTOut-of-state SanctionedCambridge, MA
7/6/2019CT Distance QualifierCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
7/11/2019MD 2019 Sandbox InvitationalOut-of-state SanctionedBaltimore, MD
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 12&U Regionals LEHYCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 12&U Regionals RYWCCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 12&U Regionals WYWCT SanctionedWilton, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 13-18 Regionals WACCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 13-18 Regionals CACCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC 13-18 Regionals CDOGCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
7/12/2019CT 2019 LC Friday Regionals WACCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT