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Swim Meets Between 4/1/2021 And 7/27/2021
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DateMeet NameMeet TypeLocation
4/1/2021CT SLAC RTC PentathlonCT RTC SanctionedMadison, CT
4/2/2021CT WRAT v GRYM 13 & Over RTC SCT RTC SanctionedWestport, CT
4/8/2021VA TIDE Swimming Speedo ShowcaseOut-of-state SanctionedVirginia Beach, VA
4/9/2021FL GTSA TYR Championship 2021Out-of-state SanctionedTampa, FL
4/11/20212021 MR NCAC April 11th Time TrialOut-of-state SanctionedBronx, NY
4/17/2021CT BULL vs OAK Pentathlon RTCCT RTC SanctionedNew Haven, CT
4/23/2021CT GRYM VI RTCCT RTC SanctionedGreenwich, CT
4/29/2021USA TYR 18&U Spring CupOut-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
4/30/2021CT CPAC Maypril RTCCT RTC SanctionedStamford, CT
4/30/2021CT RYWC RTC LC InviteCT RTC SanctionedBrookfield, CT
4/30/2021CT WEST Spring RTCCT RTC SanctionedWeston, CT
4/30/2021USA TYR 18U Spring Cup TT Out-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
5/1/2021CT RAC SCM RTC TournamentCT RTC SanctionedRidgefield, CT
5/2/20212021 TYR 18U Spring Cup TT - ROut-of-state SanctionedRichmond,
5/2/2021MR NCAC Time TrialOut-of-state SanctionedBRONX, NY
5/6/2021CT SLAC vs HHAC RTCCT RTC SanctionedMadison, CT
5/7/2021CT CDOG May Distance RTC MeetCT RTC SanctionedCheshire, CT
5/7/2021CT GRYM RAC SCM RTCCT RTC SanctionedRidgefield, CT
5/7/2021CT VSYM May RTC Intrasquad MeCT RTC SanctionedWestbrook, CT
5/13/20212021 VA EZ LC Speedo ChampionshipOut-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
5/13/2021CT CPAC May RTC MeetCT RTC SanctionedStamford, CT
5/14/2021CT NCY v Storm Dual RTCCT RTC SanctionedNew Canaan YMCA, CT
5/15/20212021 VA EZ LC Sectional TTOut-of-state SanctionedRichmond, VA
5/15/2021CT Trumbull Pisces Spring RTCCT RTC SanctionedTrumbull, CT
5/15/2021CT Zeus May RTC Meet REV 05242CT RTC SanctionedNorwalk, CT
5/20/2021Puerto Rico International SwimOut-of-state ApprovedSalinas, PR
5/21/2021CT ARAC May RTC InvitationalCT RTC SanctionedOrange, CT
5/21/2021CT CDOG and WRAT May QualifierCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
5/21/2021CT NCA May RTC InviteCT RTC SanctionedTolland, CT
5/21/2021CT WYW Wahoos May RTCCT RTC SanctionedWilton, CT
5/21/2021Weston Vs West Hartford Dual MCT SanctionedWeston, CT
5/22/2021CT Rays vs. LEHY vs. WaterburyCT SanctionedSouthington, CT
5/23/2021CT-SJCC- First Invite RTC MeetCT RTC SanctionedNORWALK, CT
5/28/2021CT GRYM OT Time TrialCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
5/28/2021FL 2021 T2 Aquatics Norris FouOut-of-state SanctionedNaples, FL
6/4/2021CT FVYT Green Earth InvitationCT SanctionedGranby, CT
6/4/2021CT WYW 2021 Wahoos Early JuneCT SanctionedWilton, CT
6/4/2021US 2020 Olympic Team Trials Wave 1Out-of-state SanctionedOmaha, NE
6/4/2021US 2020 Olympic Team Wave 1 TTOut-of-state SanctionedOmaha, NE
6/5/2021CT RAYS SCM InvitationalCT SanctionedRidgefield, CT
6/5/2021CT VSYM June InvitationalCT SanctionedMeriden, CT
6/6/2021MR NCAC SEVENTH TIME TRialOut-of-state SanctionedBRONX, NY
6/9/2021CT PSDY June Tri-MeetCT SanctionedDarien, CT
6/9/2021CT SLAC Triple DualCT SanctionedMadison, CT
6/11/2021CT ARAC June InviteCT SanctionedOrange, CT
6/11/2021CT CDOG June Distance MeetCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
6/12/2021CT OAK Tri-Meet with WWRX & BUCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
6/13/2021US 2020 - TT -U.S. Olympic Team TOut-of-state SanctionedOmaha, NE
6/13/2021US 2020 Olympic Trials Wave IIOut-of-state SanctionedOmaha, NE
6/18/2021CT CPAC June 14&U MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
6/18/2021CT Zeus June Distance MeetCT SanctionedNorwalk, CT
6/19/2021CT CDOG June QualifierCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
6/19/2021CT Zeus June 12&U Summer SizzlCT SanctionedNorwalk, CT
6/24/2021CT PSDY vs ORCAS Dual MeetCT SanctionedStamford, CT
6/24/2021CT Wilton Wahoo June InvitatioCT SanctionedWilton, CT
6/25/2021CT ARAC June Summer SplashCT SanctionedOrange, CT
6/25/2021CT RYWC LCM Senior InviteCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
6/26/20212021 EZ-CT OW ChampionshipCT SanctionedMidldlebury, CT
6/26/2021CT Charter Oak Summer QualifieCT SanctionedCanton, CT
6/26/2021CT LEHY 18th Annual Kamana WanCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
6/26/2021CT RYWC LCM Senior QualifierCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
6/26/2021CT WHAT Cornerstone ClassicCT SanctionedWest Hartford, CT
6/27/2021CT-SJCC- Second Invite MeetCT SanctionedNORWALK, CT
7/2/2021MR NCAC July Fourth MeetOut-of-state SanctionedBronx, NY
7/3/2021CT SLAC Red-White & Blue QualiCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
7/8/2021CT 2021 Senior Championship LCCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
7/9/2021CT CPAC July Senior InviteCT SanctionedStamford, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 LEHY LC Regional ChampionshipCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 RYWC Afternoon LC Regional ChampionshipCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 RYWC Friday LC Regional ChampionshipCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 RYWC Morning LC Regional ChampionshipCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 WYW Afternoon LC RegionalCT SanctionedWilton, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 WYW Friday LC RegionalCT SanctionedWilton, CT
7/16/2021CT 2021 WYW Morning LC RegionalCT SanctionedWilton, CT
7/16/2021CT ARAC "Final Lap" Summer FinCT SanctionedOrange, CT
7/17/2021CT WHAT SCY Summer InvitationaCT SanctionedWest Hartford, CT
7/22/2021CT 2021 11-14 Age Group ChampiCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
7/22/2021CT CPAC 14 & Under Showcase ClCT SanctionedStamford, CT
7/23/2021CT CPAC Senior SCY Last ChanceCT SanctionedStamford, CT