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Swim Meets Between 9/1/2023 And 12/3/2023
Whose Results Have Been Loaded In This Database
DateMeet NameMeet TypeLocation
10/8/20232023 CT BULL Season Opener PenCT SanctionedNew Haven, CT
10/8/20232023 CT WRAT 8 & Under MeetCT SanctionedWestport, CT
10/13/20232023 CT GRYM October InviteCT SanctionedGreenwich, CT
10/14/20232023 CT CPAC Rocktober AGQCT SanctionedStamford, CT
10/14/20232023 CT OAK Centennial CenterCT SanctionedSimsbury, CT
10/14/20232023 MR YMID Hispanic HeritageOut-of-state SanctionedWhite Plains, NY
10/15/20232023 CT RAYS Meegan Martin MeetCT SanctionedSouthington, CT
10/20/20232023 CT NCA Fall Distance MeetCT SanctionedTolland, CT
10/20/20232023 CT RYWC Candlewood CupCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/20/2023RFAC - Elizabeth Miller MemoriOut-of-state SanctionedPoughkeepsie, NY
10/21/20232023 CT CDOG Annual IMXCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
10/21/20232023 CT MAC Sprint SpooktaculaCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT
10/21/20232023 CT NCA Fall InviteCT SanctionedTolland, CT
10/21/20232023 CT WYW 12 under KickoffCT SanctionedWilton, CT
10/21/20232023 MR SCAR Haunted HalloweenOut-of-state SanctionedPiscataway, NJ
10/27/20232023 CT CDOG October DistanceCT SanctionedCheshire, CT
10/27/20232023 CT LEHY Autumn Aquafest DCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
10/27/20232023 CT WYW Halloween SpooktakularCT SanctionedWilton, CT
10/28/20232023 CT LEHY Autumn Aquafest QCT SanctionedEast Hartford, CT
10/28/20232023 CT RYWC SpooktacularCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
10/28/20232023 CT SYS 50 Freestyle ChallCT SanctionedBranford, CT
10/28/20232023 CT SYS 50 Freestyle-SemiCT SanctionedBranford, CT
10/29/20232023 CT HHAC Halloween PentathlonCT SanctionedHamden, CT
10/29/20232023 CT RST Fall into FreestylCT SanctionedMonroe, CT
10/30/20232023 CT OBS CCC West ChampsCT ObservedWest Hartford, CT
10/30/20232023 CT OBS SCC ChampionshipCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
10/30/20232023 CT OBS SWC ChampsCT ObservedMonroe, CT
11/1/20232023 CT OBS CCC East ChampionsCT ObservedGlastonbury, CT
11/1/20232023 CT OBS FCIAC ChampionshipsCT ObservedGreenwich, CT
11/1/20232023 CT OBS NVL ChampionshipCT ObservedWaterbury, CT
11/3/20232023 CT OBS CCC North ChampsCT Observedwethersfield, CT
11/3/20232023 NE KING-CAC Fall InviteOut-of-state SanctionedBristol, RI
11/4/20232023 CT SEAL/IVY November InviCT SanctionedMeriden, CT
11/8/20232023 CT OBS Class L ChampsCT ObservedWest Hartford, CT
11/8/20232023 CT OBS Class S ChampsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
11/9/20232023 CT OBS Class LL ChampsCT ObservedMiddletown, CT
11/9/20232023 CT OBS Class M ChampsCT ObservedNew Haven, CT
11/9/20232023 CT WYW 10 under FreestyleCT SanctionedWilton, CT
11/10/20232023 CT CPAC November AGQCT SanctionedStamford, CT
11/10/20232023 CT WRAT Age Group QualiCT SanctionedWestport, CT
11/10/20232023 PLQ DistanceCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
11/10/20232024 NE CLIP Swim Fall ClassicOut-of-state SanctionedLudlow, MA
11/11/20232023 CT HHAC Red-White & BlueCT SanctionedHamden, CT
11/11/20232023 CT NCY Pam Libertiny QualCT SanctionedNew Canaan, CT
11/12/20232023 CT RYWC Gobble WobbleCT SanctionedBrookfield, CT
11/12/20232023 CT VSYM November PentathlCT SanctionedWestbrook, CT
11/16/20232023 CT OBS State Open ChampsCT ObservedNew Haven/West Hartf, CT
11/17/20232023 CT GLAS Turkey TrotCT SanctionedGlastonbury, CT
11/17/20232023 CT WHAT November DistanceCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
11/17/20232023 CT WYW APR Rob McDowell YCT ApprovedWilton, CT
11/17/20232023 MR COND November IMX InviOut-of-state SanctionedWest Nyack, NY
11/18/20232023 CT RST Turkey Splash & DaCT SanctionedMonroe, CT
11/18/20232023 CT WHAT Age Group QualifiCT SanctionedFarmington, CT
11/26/20232023 CT MAC Pilgrim PlungeCT SanctionedMiddletown, CT