Declaration of Intention - SC Regional Champs

2024 SC Regional Championships Feb 28-Mar 2, 2024

Format: Format: CSI will be conducting a minimum of six (6) Regional Championship meets depending on bids.

Additional meet(s) may be added if warranted. In the case of additional meets, bids will re-open.

Lifeguards: All Regional Championship venues must include lifeguard coverage for the duration of the meet.
Deadline: July 21, 2024 at 11:59p.
Visit Bid Procedures page for more information and requirements.

Contact Information
Primary contact (responsible for all correspondence between Club and CSI):*
Phone (use dashes xxx-xxx-xxxx):*
Secondary contact:*
Secondary contact email:*

Please name the venue where you will host Regional Championships:*
Number of Warm-Up Lanes:*
Number of Competition Lanes:*
Maximum capacity of pool deck:*
Maximum capacity of spectator area:*
Other Venue Information:

Our Club is using guest Officials:* Yes No
Please provide the names of your Officials staff. Note: The Meet Referee's name will be published in the announcement.
Meet Referee:*
Stroke and Turn:*
Administrative Official:*
Other Official:
Other Official:
Other Official:

Background and Experience
Experience hosting championship meets (if you have run Regionals in the past list year and course here and put N/A for the next question):*
Biography outlining club's qualifications for running a championship meet:*

My club hosted a previous Regional Championship:* Yes No
I agree on behalf of my club to comply with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.* Yes
I agree to ensure lifeguard coverage for the duration of the meet.* Yes
I agree to provide CSI the meet database at the conclusion of my meet or by 8 pm Sunday evening.* Yes
I agree to submit 14 days after the conclusion of the meet the Meet Director Report and surcharge payment.* Yes
I agree to inventory my medals and caps and provide the unused award count to the CSI Office.* Yes
I agree to allow the CSI t-shirt vendor to attend meet Yes No
If applicable, I agree to make payment to CSI for pool rental within 14 days of the meet conclusion.* Yes
Address for award shipments:*
I have read and understand the Regional Championship Scheduling Procedures and Host Meet Requirements. My Club will abide by the procedures and fulfill these requirements.* Yes

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