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July 25-28, 2024 @ Wesleyan.

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Select sessions you are available to work at LC Age Groups.
  • Th - 13/14 3:00p Start, relays & 12/U Start 5:35p.
  • Fri, Sat, Sun - 13/14 Prelims 8:20a Start, 11/12 Prelims 11:45a, Prelims 10/U 2:15p.
  • Finals Start 5:15p.
  • Thursday 13/14 Distance Session
    Thursday 13/14 Relays & 12/U Distance Session
    Friday Prelim Sessions:
    Friday, 13/14 session
    Friday 11/12 session
    Friday 10/Under Session
    Saturday Prelim Sessions:
    Saturday 13/14 session
    Saturday 11/12 session
    Saturday 10/Under session
    Sunday Prelim Sessions:
    Sunday 13/14 session
    Sunday 11/12 session
    Sunday 10/under session
    Evening 11-14 Final Sessions (5:15p Warm-up):
    Friday Evening
    Saturday Evening
    Sunday Evening

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