Return To Competition Sanction Request

August and September 2020
Note well: The meet sanction/approval application is subject to change given the fluid nature of COVID-19. Be aware that CDC, State of CT, and local jurisdiction guidelines or public health actions may change quickly and without warning.
The deadline for this submittal and all supporting documentations is no later than 14 days before the first day of the meet.

In applying for this sanction, your club the 'Host", agrees to comply and to enforce all health and safety mandates and guidelines of USA Swimming, Connecticut Swimming, the State of Connecticut and, your facility’s local jurisdiction. * Yes
I and my club's meet management have read and understand USA Swimming Rulebook amendments in effect during the Return To Competition season.* Yes
I and my club's meet management, agree to ensure that participation is limited to athletes and clubs registered within CT.* Yes
I and my club's meet management will abide by the entire meet announcement approved by Program Operations including all disclaimers, releases, and waivers.* Yes
I and my club's meet management will include USA Swimming's release statement in all meet information and heat sheets.* yes
I and my club's meet management will abide by Safe Sport and ensure parents have access to and/or the opportunity to observe their child.* Yes
I and my club's meet management agree to collect signed waivers from all participants.* Yes

Host Contact Information
Contact Name:*
Contact Email:*

Meet Information
Start Date:* [Calendar]
End Date:* [Calendar]
Type of Meet:*
If your type of meet is "other" please describe below.

Planned meet duration including warm-ups:*
Upload a proposed meet schedule. (PDF preferred.):*
State any athlete eligibility limitations such as qualifying times, age, etc:*
List any splash fees and any other fees you plan to collect:*

Pool Information
Pool Name:*
Pool Location:*
Timing System:*

4 Officials are required for the positions listed below. Officials cannot be assigned to more than 1 position. If using guest officials, letters of intent from the guest official should be emailed to Mark Wollen ( with this submittal.
Name of Meet Referee and Club:*
Name of Starter and Club:*
Name of S & T Official and Club:*
Name of Administrative Official and Club:*

Provide the url to your LOCAL health department protocols and requirements*
Upload a WORD document of your meet announcement.*
Upload a PDF of your plan for athlete and coach ingress and egress:*
Upload a PDF of your plan for spectator ingress and egress:*
Upload a PDF of your planned number of individuals gathering in the spaces: pool, deck, spectator seating, etc.*
If you plan to use a different waiver than provided by CSI, please upload it here:

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