CSI Scholar Athlete 2022-2023

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Date Status Name as you would like it to appear on the certificate: First Name: Last Name: Club:
10/2/2023 Complete Ariya Snelwar Ariya Snelwar SSAC
9/8/2023 Complete Isabelle Christensen Isabelle Christensen LEHY
9/8/2023 Complete Colin M. Spoerndle Colin Spoerndle ARAC
9/8/2023 Complete Taylor Leapley Taylor Leapley WAC
9/8/2023 Complete Jake Mercer Jake Mercer WYW
9/8/2023 Complete Madisyn V. Goldstein Madisyn Goldstein CDOG
9/7/2023 Complete Amanda M. Ford Amanda Ford WAC
9/7/2023 Complete Benjamin Bognon Benjamin Bognon WEST
9/7/2023 Complete Benjamin Wu Benjamin Wu SSAC
9/7/2023 Complete Jonathan Rosano Jonathan Rosano MAC
9/7/2023 Complete Adam Liu Adam Liu WAC
9/7/2023 Complete Lily Malone Lily Malone WEST
9/7/2023 Complete Jillian Sullivan Jillian Sullivan WAC
9/7/2023 Complete Marea Li Marea Li BULL
9/7/2023 Complete Sydney Jee Sydney Jee GYWD
9/7/2023 Complete Ella Gussen Ella Gussen WRAT
9/7/2023 Complete Libby Turner Libby Turner WEST
9/4/2023 Complete William Trotman William Trotman RAC
9/4/2023 Complete William Trotman William Trotman RAC
9/4/2023 Complete William Trotman William Trotman RAC
9/4/2023 Complete Derek Yin Derek Yin RAC
9/4/2023 Complete Derek Yin Derek Yin RAC
9/4/2023 Complete Isabel Torello Isabel Torello SYS
9/2/2023 Complete Hadden Wood Hadden Wood GYWD
9/1/2023 Complete Annika Paluska Annika Paluska LEHY
9/1/2023 Complete Lily Archibald Lily Archibald RAC
9/1/2023 Complete Lucy Boisoneau Lucy Boisoneau LEHY
9/1/2023 Complete Madison Marini Madison Marini ZEUS
9/1/2023 Complete Arjun Padwal Arjun Padwal OAK
8/31/2023 Complete Chas Jones Chas Jones CPAC
8/31/2023 Complete Christine Scully Christine Scully ZEUS
8/31/2023 Complete Molly McCormack Hoban Molly Hoban SLAC
8/31/2023 Complete Katherine Brennan Katherine Brennan ZEUS
8/31/2023 Complete Lucy Schwarz Lucy Schwarz SLAC
8/31/2023 Complete Rian Herrmann Rian Herrmann ZEUS
8/31/2023 Complete Megan R. Gangway Megan Gangaway LEHY
8/31/2023 Complete Olivia Herbert Olivia Herbert RYWC
8/31/2023 Complete Hugh Charles Henry Hugh Henry BULL
8/31/2023 Complete Lillian Miller Lillian Miller VSYM
8/31/2023 Complete Meredith Loughlin Meredith Loughlin CDOG
8/31/2023 Complete SARAH ALEXANDRA ROTARIU Sarah Rotariu NFAF
8/31/2023 Complete Nina Rutherford Nina Rutherford WYW
8/31/2023 Complete Emily Butler Emily Butler SLAC
8/31/2023 Complete Elizabeth Evans Elizabeth Evans GLAS
8/30/2023 Complete Mia Hatzis Mia Hatzis RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Sydney Dawes Sydney Dawes NFAF
8/30/2023 Complete Rachel Gentil Rachel Gentil SLAC
8/30/2023 Complete Rachel Gentil Rachel Gentil SLAC
8/30/2023 Complete Jacob Lin Jacob Lin BULL
8/30/2023 Complete Michael Ivanov Michael Ivanov WRAT
8/30/2023 Complete Ariana Potter Arianna Potter SLAC
8/30/2023 Complete Benjamin Haddad Benjamin Haddad RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Izabela Zajac Izabela Zajac FVYT
8/30/2023 Complete Isabelle Brown Isabelle Brown BULL
8/30/2023 Complete Matthew Muravnik Matthew Muravnik BULL
8/30/2023 Complete Emelia Bailey Emelia Bailey WEST
8/30/2023 Complete Sahana Bhagavatula Sahana Bhagavatula WYW
8/30/2023 Complete Ila Sundstrom Ila Sundstrom BULL
8/30/2023 Complete Doran Murphy Doran Murphy RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Sydney O'Connell Sydney O'Connell RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Emily R. Denise Emily Denise RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Cesar Padilla Cesar Padilla ARAC
8/30/2023 Complete BRYAN ZHENG Bryan Zheng RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Anthony Tomasko Anthony Tomasko CDOG
8/30/2023 Complete Josie Nesta Josephine Nesta CDOG
8/30/2023 Complete Amelia Scheu Amelia Scheu ARAC
8/30/2023 Complete Lelan F. Jacheo Lelan Jacheo ARAC
8/30/2023 Complete Sofia Doersch Sofia Doersch RYWC
8/30/2023 Complete Sophia Caldwell Sophia Caldwell WWRX
8/30/2023 Complete Rachele Bachmann Rachele Bachmann RAC
8/30/2023 Complete Lillian Teel Lillian Teel BULL
8/29/2023 Complete Peter Zalewski Peter Zalewski CDOG
8/29/2023 Complete Sabrina Schuster Sabrina Schuster LEHY
8/29/2023 Complete Ananya Garg Ananya Garg WHAT
8/29/2023 Complete Thomas C. Lake Thomas Lake WRAT
8/29/2023 Complete Jane Harhay Jane Harhay MJCC
8/29/2023 Complete Addison Lezinsky Addison Lezinsky BULL
8/29/2023 Complete Marabella Zullo Marabella Zullo ZEUS
8/29/2023 Complete Addison Lezinsky Addison Lezinsky BULL
8/29/2023 Complete Savannah Cox Savannah Cox WHAT
8/29/2023 Complete Nicolas Mora Nicolas Mora ZEUS
8/29/2023 Complete John Dwyer John Dwyer WHAT
8/29/2023 Complete Sydney Parker Sydney Parker WHAT
8/29/2023 Complete Natalie C. Liguori Natalie Liguori RYWC
8/29/2023 Complete Tommy Masotti Thomas Masotti RAYS
8/29/2023 Complete Elizabeth Lake Elizabeth Lake WRAT
8/29/2023 Complete Avery D'Amour Avery D'Amour NCA
8/29/2023 Complete Hannah Natlo Hannah Natlo ZEUS
8/29/2023 Complete Max Enes Maxwell Enes BULL
8/29/2023 Complete Ryan Nguyen Ryan Nguyen IVY
8/29/2023 Complete Julia Stidolph Julia Stidolph ZEUS
8/28/2023 Complete Timothy King Timothy King CPAC
8/28/2023 Complete Logan Keane Logan Keane RYWC
8/28/2023 Complete William Dwyer William Dwyer WHAT
8/28/2023 Complete Samantha Chemacki Samantha Chemacki HHAC
8/28/2023 Complete Aedan Conners Aedan Conners BULL
8/28/2023 Complete Kristopher Flores Kristopher Flores ZEUS
8/28/2023 Complete Miriam Johnson Youel Miriam Youel WHAT
8/28/2023 Complete Mason Rickey Mason Rickey BULL
8/28/2023 Complete Nathaniel Oppenheim Nathaniel Oppenheim RAC
8/28/2023 Complete Anna Gallagher Anna Gallagher IVY
8/28/2023 Complete Alexis Hasko Alexis Hasko RAC
8/28/2023 Complete Alexander Skula Alexander Skula BULL
8/28/2023 Complete Kate Murray Kathleen Murray WRAT
8/28/2023 Complete Ruthie Riccobon Ruth Riccobon WHAT
8/28/2023 Complete Danielle Schwartz Danielle Schwartz WRAT
8/28/2023 Complete Evan Huang Evan Huang BULL
8/28/2023 Complete Eric Huang Eric Huang BULL
8/27/2023 Complete Andrew Filotto Andrew Filotto MJCC
8/27/2023 Complete Jerick Luke Lagamao Jerick Luke Lagamao CDOG
8/27/2023 Complete Julia Pujadas Julia Pujadas GYWD
8/27/2023 Complete Jenney Yizhen Liu WHAT
8/27/2023 Complete Will Schuhmacher William Schuhmacher SSAC
8/27/2023 Complete Aanya Kongettira Aanya Kongettira WYW
8/26/2023 Complete Aiden Yee Aiden Yee WYW
8/26/2023 Complete Kellen Booth Kellen Booth CDOG
8/25/2023 Complete Lexi Dominguez Lexi Dominguez MJCC
8/24/2023 Complete Chase Shapiro Chase Shapiro WRAT
8/24/2023 Complete Sina Patel Sina Patel WYW
8/24/2023 Complete Samuel Mayo Samuel Mayo SYS
8/24/2023 Complete Marin. T. Benoit Marin Benoit WHAT
8/24/2023 Complete Shane Colligan Shane Colligan RST
8/24/2023 Complete Cody Lonsberry Cody Lonsberry IVY
8/24/2023 Complete Lucy A. Benoit Lucy Benoit WHAT
8/23/2023 Complete Molly Simmons Molly Simmons RAC
8/23/2023 Complete Ashton K. Ma Ashton Ma FVYT
8/23/2023 Complete John Rusnock John Rusnock FVYT
8/23/2023 Complete Jaee Raut Jaee Raut FVYT
8/23/2023 Complete Connor Kwarcinski Connor Kwarcinski RYWC
8/23/2023 Complete Alexa Kwarcinski Alexa Kwarcinski RYWC
8/23/2023 Complete Alessandro Daniele Alessandro Daniele FVYT
8/23/2023 Complete Nathan John Codd Nathan Codd SSAC
8/23/2023 Complete Mackenzie Headley Mackenzie Headley FVYT
8/22/2023 Complete Madison Winslow Madison Winslow WYW
8/22/2023 Complete Grace Hanke Grace Hanke CDOG
8/22/2023 Complete Katherine Beauchene Katherine Beauchene FVYT
8/21/2023 Complete Panya Khattar Panya Khattar FVYT
8/20/2023 Complete Abigail Bertolette Abigail Bertolette WHAT
8/20/2023 Complete Sena Bozkurt Sena Bozkurt SSAC
8/20/2023 Complete Annie Edwards Annie Edwards CPAC
8/19/2023 Complete Gwendolyn Bye Gwendolyn Bye MJCC
8/19/2023 Complete Sophia Gimby Sophia Gimby WYW
8/19/2023 Complete Carly Cahill Carly Cahill CDOG
8/18/2023 Complete Owen Tharrington Owen Tharrington CPAC
8/18/2023 Complete Cooper Thomas Cooper Thomas FVYT
8/18/2023 Complete Audrey Gil Audrey Gil CPAC
8/18/2023 Complete Emma Robredo Emma Robredo SSAC
8/18/2023 Complete James Custer James Custer NCA
8/17/2023 Complete Zachary Daniel Ellis Zachary Ellis FVYT
8/16/2023 Complete Andrew Zhou Andrew Zhou WYW
8/16/2023 Complete Anna Shew Anna Shew RST
8/16/2023 Complete Damian Czartoryjski Damian Czartoryjski CDOG
8/16/2023 Complete Annie Edwards Annie Edwards CPAC
8/16/2023 Complete Sophie Redfern Sophie Redfern GLAS
8/16/2023 Complete Andrew Villani Andrew Villani WHAT
8/16/2023 Complete Andrew Villani Andrew Villani WHAT
8/15/2023 Complete Addison Asuncion Addison Asuncion ZEUS
8/15/2023 Complete Morgan McDonough Morgan McDonough CDOG
8/15/2023 Complete Peter Michalik Peter Michalik CPAC
8/15/2023 Complete Maura Beltrami Maura Beltrami CDOG
8/14/2023 Complete Julia Tejeda Julia Tejeda CDOG
8/14/2023 Complete Matt Whitaker Matthew Whitaker MAC
8/14/2023 Complete Phoebe Hamblett Phoebe Hamblett BULL
8/13/2023 Complete Grace Furtado Grace Furtado CDOG
8/13/2023 Complete Sabrina Hobert Sabrina Hobert CPAC
8/12/2023 Complete Jasmine Johnson Jasmine Johnson OAK
8/12/2023 Complete Connor Hogan Connor Hogan OAK
8/12/2023 Complete Hailey Newton Hailey Newton NMEG
8/12/2023 Complete Molly Newton Molly Newton NMEG
8/12/2023 Complete Amelia Peterson Amelia Peterson OAK
8/11/2023 Complete Michelle Weissler Michelle Weissler SSAC
8/11/2023 Complete Shaun Li Shaun Li RAC
8/11/2023 Complete Marko Katra Marko Katra RAC
8/11/2023 Complete Alex Hite Alex Hite RST
8/10/2023 Complete Meghan MacLaren Meghan MacLaren RYWC
8/10/2023 Complete Reese Velishka Reese Velishka CPAC
8/10/2023 Complete Lauren Clark Lauren Clark RST
8/9/2023 Complete Olivia Cieciwa Olivia Cieciwa CPAC
8/8/2023 Complete Leonardo Wong Leonardo Wong GLAS
8/7/2023 Complete Samantha Jackson Samantha Jackson CDOG
8/7/2023 Complete PJ Gauthier Peter Gauthier CDOG
8/7/2023 Complete Michael Gauthier Michael Gauthier CDOG
8/7/2023 Complete Alina Niemczyk Alina Niemczyk IVY
8/5/2023 Complete Victoria Layden Victoria Layden WHAT
8/5/2023 Complete Audrey Plourde Audrey Plourde IVY
8/4/2023 Complete VED SHRIYANS BATHULA Ved Bathula WHAT
8/4/2023 Complete Sara Omar Sara Omar WHAT
8/4/2023 Complete Chloe Retuya Chloe Retuya FINS
8/4/2023 Complete Peter C Mottolese Peter Mottolese CPAC
8/4/2023 Complete Hudson Jang Hudson Jang CPAC
8/4/2023 Complete Anna Gjervold Anna Gjervold CPAC
8/4/2023 Complete Payton Foster Payton Foster CPAC
8/3/2023 Complete Andrew Berkowitz Andrew Berkowitz WRAT
8/3/2023 Complete Jocie Niemczyk Jocelyn Niemczyk IVY
8/3/2023 Complete Nathan Lowney Nathan Lowney MJCC
8/2/2023 Complete Katherine Manaresi Katherine Manaresi MJCC
8/2/2023 Complete Laura DeGennaro Laura Degennaro CDOG
8/1/2023 Complete Meghan K Jo Meghan Jo WHAT
8/1/2023 Complete Reaghan Samson Reaghan Samson RAYS
8/1/2023 Complete John C. Comite John Comite FVYT
8/1/2023 Complete Zachary Thomas Beckham Zachary Beckham IVY
8/1/2023 Complete Rory C Keller Rory Keller CPAC
7/31/2023 Complete Kristin Timpano Kristin Timpano NMEG
7/31/2023 Complete Molly Whitaker Molly Whitaker MAC
7/30/2023 Complete Emme Starzman Emme Starzman CDOG
7/30/2023 Complete Chase Starzman Chase Starzman CDOG
7/29/2023 Complete Azra Azra Ozgen WRAT
7/27/2023 Complete Grant Slippen Grant Slippen WRAT
7/27/2023 Complete Lauren Lord Lauren Lord GLAS
7/26/2023 Complete Gavin Lam Gavin Lam WYW
7/26/2023 Complete Henry Atwood Henry Atwood WAC
7/26/2023 Complete Niall Easton Niall Easton GLAS
7/24/2023 Complete Lila Strober Lila Strober OAK
7/24/2023 Complete Caleb Caleb Leon GLAS
7/24/2023 Complete Michael Chu Belpedio Michael Belpedio WRAT
7/23/2023 Complete Jason Hu Jason Hu PAC
7/23/2023 Complete Hannah Looney Hannah Looney ZEUS
7/23/2023 Complete Emily T Murphy Emily Murphy MAC
7/21/2023 Complete Julia Bevilacqua Julia Bevilacqua FINS
7/20/2023 Complete Hailey Baker Hailey Baker MAC
7/20/2023 Complete Brayden Green Brayden Green CDOG
7/19/2023 Complete Olivia Stramandinoli Olivia Stramandinoli CPAC
7/19/2023 Complete Derek Lui Derek Lui IVY
7/19/2023 Complete Lachlan McCracken Lachlan McCracken SSAC
7/18/2023 Complete Alex Weisenbacher Alex Weisenbacher WAC
7/18/2023 Complete Paeton Romero Paeton Romero IVY
7/17/2023 Complete Brendan Matos Brendan Matos CDOG
7/16/2023 Complete Kaitlyn Gilbert Kaitlyn Gilbert FINS
7/14/2023 Complete Riley Kudlac Riley Kudlac LEHY
7/14/2023 Complete Avery Kudlac Avery Kudlac LEHY
7/14/2023 Complete MYKHAILO KVASHCHUK Mykhailo Kvashchuk ZEUS
7/13/2023 Complete Owen Vale Owen Vale WHAT
7/13/2023 Complete Rhys Vale Rhys Vale WHAT
7/13/2023 Complete Kaya L Tray Kaya Tray CDOG
7/11/2023 Complete Erik Lamphere Erik Lamphere CDOG
7/11/2023 Complete Aiden Sesta Aiden Sesta MAC
7/10/2023 Complete James Liao James Liao IVY
7/10/2023 Complete Jack Watson Jack Watson IVY
7/10/2023 Complete Campbell McFall Campbell McFall IVY
7/10/2023 Complete Henry C. Peters Henry Peters CPAC
7/9/2023 Complete Boglarka Olah Boglarka Olah WRAT
7/9/2023 Complete Natalia Gajecki Natalia Gajecki FINS
7/9/2023 Complete Davis Walker Davis Walker BULL
7/5/2023 Complete Brooke Sowka Brooke Sowka LEHY
7/5/2023 Complete Ava Baine Ava Baine GYWD
7/5/2023 Complete Erika Zdravkovic Ibarra Erika Zdravkovic Ibarra OAK
7/4/2023 Complete MaryKate Myott Marykate Myott WAC
7/3/2023 Complete Victoria Korczak Victoria Korczak FINS
7/2/2023 Complete Alicia Shatalov Alicia Shatalov CDOG
7/2/2023 Complete Eric Huang Eric Huang SSAC
7/1/2023 Complete Elliot Lee Elliot Lee BULL
6/30/2023 Complete Beth Nedobity Elizabeth Nedobity MAC
6/29/2023 Complete Colten Trepp Colten Trepp SSAC
6/29/2023 Complete Helen Godshall Helen Godshall CAC
6/28/2023 Complete Abbey Elizabeth Pickel Abbey Pickel MAC
6/26/2023 Complete Daniel Babashak Daniel Babashak WYW
6/23/2023 Complete Victoria Magdalena Burdzicki Victoria Burdzicki ZEUS
6/22/2023 Complete Alexander Khilko Alexander Khilko GYWD
6/22/2023 Complete Julia Barto Julia Barto CDOG
6/20/2023 Complete Erin Luecke Erin Luecke CPAC
6/20/2023 Complete Elizabeth Bodie Elizabeth Bodie CDOG
6/20/2023 Complete Samantha Haley Samantha Haley CPAC
6/20/2023 Complete Jack Haley Jack Haley CPAC
6/19/2023 Complete Liisa Jalakas Liisa Jalakas CPAC
6/19/2023 Complete Penny A. Lazar Penelope Lazar GYWD
6/16/2023 Complete Alexandra Moore Alexandra Moore CPAC
6/15/2023 Complete Sarah Kim Sarah Kim SEAL
6/15/2023 Complete Nolan Bernier Nolan Bernier WAC
6/15/2023 Complete Conor Duggan Conor Duggan ZEUS
6/13/2023 Complete Brendan Kirberger Brendan Kirberger RST