Officials Available to Work Meets
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Date Officials Name: Club: Certification Level: Email: Phone: Preferred method of contact: List any comments regarding your availability:
1/22/2020 John Ruffo SLAC Stroke and Turn 203-501-3219 Either I am available to work January 25 and 26 for the am session of the 13 and over Prelim/Finals meet at Beckerman Athletic Center in Hamden
1/6/2020 Monica R Bellomo ARAC (I need training) 2039810220 I will like to official(training)on January 19 HMST 8/U MEET TANK YOU
1/6/2020 Kwami kpodoh CPAC Strokes & Turns 7189029023 Email to officiate at CPAC meet .I will be available for only Session 4, on Sunday 12th January 2020 in the afternoon.
12/18/2019 Monica Bellomo ARAC 2 (I need training) 2039810220 Either
10/22/2019 Sandra-Jane Mancini SSAC Stroke and Turn 8082538887 Either Usually available on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
5/2/2019 Brandon Foster SYS Stroke & Turn 203-464-3918 Email
3/7/2019 Brandon Foster SYS Stroke & Turn 2034643918 Email I will be available to work finals on Friday
2/18/2019 Martha Torres WRAT S&T 2037366088 Email At seniors, I will be available Thursday and Saturday morning.
2/17/2019 John Lovro WRAT DR 2034828952 Either CT Seniors (Sat and Sun) Seniors Invitational Fri, Sat, Sun)
11/28/2018 Jo Ann McCaffrey WYW AO N2 2037628384 Either
11/26/2018 Madeleine Wentzel WYW Stroke and Turn 2035870841 Email I would like to work at the CPAC meet either on Friday or Saturday. (Nov 30 or Dec 1) I cannot seem to locate any materials on this meet.
9/16/2018 Lauren Pinchbeck WYW S/T and STARTER trainee 203-231-4480 Email
9/16/2018 Lauren Pinchbeck WYW S/T and Timer trainee 203-231-4480 Email
2/8/2018 Joe Burdeshaw RAYS Stroke & Turn 860-537-1343 Either
12/16/2017 Natalie Ikonn-DeRego FVYT starter, AO 860-614-9079 Phone
11/27/2017 Joe Burdeshaw RAYS Tranie
10/23/2017 Sudhakar Dalavi IVY Stroke and Turn Trainee 860-794-9181 Email I have recently completed Stroke and Turn Judge test and would like to get training. Please let me know if there is opportunity available.
10/8/2017 Christine Kennedy TP S&T and AO Email Willing to work within 30 minutes of Trumbull even if TP aren't at meet.
10/8/2017 Tom O'Donnell SLAC S&T 8608109408 Email
9/29/2017 Sudhir Kumar Stroke & Turn Email
7/24/2017 Dylan Lee VSYM Meet Referee 860-235-3074 Either
4/20/2017 Natalie Ikonn-DeRego FVYT AO, starter Email
2/12/2017 Carla hazzam WRTS Deck ref. in training Either I can help out at regionals, depending where and when as I have 2 kids in 2 different age groups. For age group, I have a child swimming only 50free for Friday, Saturday we have NE champs in Boston, not sure about Sunday yet but I will for sure help out if he makes it.
12/10/2016 Stefanny Mancheno PSDY Stroke and turn 203-219-4976 Email
12/8/2016 Nancy Wargo ZEUS Meet Referee 203-858-7285 Either I work full time so can help late evenings and weekends.Probably best to text me if you are in a jam.
11/30/2016 Michael Smalec CDOG Meet Ref (203) 339-0105 Email
11/17/2016 Jenn Fritzsche SYS Strike&turn trainee 2039964725 Either Would I be able to train during the 11/12 session of the Arac meet this weekend? Thanks Jenn
11/9/2016 Ken Gray UN Meet Referee Email Limited availability but if your in a Jam and I am free I will help out. If your name is Ellen Johnson , Dave Reilly or Jen Lyman dont waste your time asking.
11/9/2016 Nancy Wargo ZEUS Meet Referee 203-858-7285 Email I work full time so can only work late evenings during the week or weekends
11/8/2016 Mark Wollen CDOG Meet Ref 203.631.3142 Email