Declaration of Intention - Regional Championship

2020 LC Regional Championships July 17-19, 2020

LC Format: Format: CSI will be conducting up to six (6) Regional Championship meets on July 17-19, 2020. A maximum of three (3) meets for 12/U and a maximum of three (3) meets for 13/O will be held. Each meet will be one (1) session on Saturday and 1 session on Sunday. One (1) Friday Evening session will be held at TBD. Bids will be considered for acceptable venues, with indoor facilities having priority. However, if bids for indoor facilities cannot accommodate all 12/U AND all 13/18 meets, the Regional Selection Committee will select which age group will be awarded to outdoor venues.

Additional meet(s) may be added if warranted. In the case of additional meets, bids will re-open.

Lifeguards: All Regional Championship venues must include lifeguard coverage for the duration of the meet.
Deadline: Thursday, January 30, 2020
Visit Bid Procedures page for more information and requirements.

Contact Information
Primary contact (responsible for all correspondence between Club and CSI):*
Phone (use dashes xxx-xxx-xxxx):*
Secondary contact:*
Secondary contact email:*

Please name the venue where you will host Regional Championships:*
Number of Warm-Up Lanes:*
Number of Competition Lanes:*
Maximum capacity of pool deck:*
Maximum capacity of spectator area:*
Other Venue Information:

Our Club is using guest Officials:* Yes No
Please provide the names of your Officials staff. Note: The Meet Referee's name will be published in the announcement.
Meet Referee:*
Stroke and Turn:*
Administrative Official:*
Other Official:
Other Official:
Other Official:

Background and Experience
Experience hosting championship meets:*
Biography outlining club's qualifications for running a championship meet:*

My club hosted a previous Regional Championship:* Yes No
I agree on behalf of my club to comply with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.* Yes
I agree to ensure lifeguard coverage for the duration of the meet.* Yes
I agree to provide CSI the meet database at the conclusion of my meet or by 8 pm Sunday evening.* Yes
I agree to submit 14 days after the conclusion of the meet the Meet Director Report and surcharge payment.* Yes
I agree to inventory my medals and caps and provide the unused award count to the CSI Office.* Yes
If applicable, I agree to make payment to CSI for pool rental within 14 days of the meet conclusion.* Yes
Address for award shipments:*
Please read the Regional Championship Scheduling Procedures and Host Requirement List on the Meet Bid Procedures page.
I have read and understand the Regional Championship Scheduling Procedures and Host Meet Requirements. My Club will abide by the procedures and fulfill these requirements.* Yes

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