Official Application CSI Senior Championship

March 3-6, 2016 @ Wesleyan University

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Select the gender of your athlete(s) competing in the meet:* Female Male Both None

Club and Certification
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Your LSC highest level of certification:* Administrative Official Stroke & Turn Chief Judge Starter Deck Referee Administrative Referee Meet Referee
Do you have previous championship meet experience?* Yes No
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Select sessions you are available to work.
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National Officials Qualifying Meet (OQM)

This meet is designated as a National Officials Qualifying Meet (OQM). Evaluators will be in attendance for certification and re-certification evaluations at all N2 & N3 levels, except Administrative Referee for N2 level only.

  • N2 evaluations must each be done over 3 sessions in the position at the meet.
  • N3 evaluations must each be done over 4 sessions in the position at the meet.
  • Recertification evaluations must each be done over 2 sessions at the meet.
  • ALL officials seeking evaluations must work a total of at least 4 sessions at the meet.
I would like a National Evaluation:* Yes No
Evaluate for Certification (see options below): Yes No
Evaluation for Recertification (indicate position below): Yes No
Certifications: Request evaluation for certification for the following position(s): N2 S&T, N3 S&T, N2 CJ, N3 CJ (Initial), N3 CJ (Final), N2 Starter, N3 Starter (Initial), N3 Starter (Final), N2 Deck Referee, N3 Deck Referee (Initial),or N3 Deck Referee (Final):
I have or will have all the appropriate requirements (Certifications and Recertifications) for potential advancement to the position(s) being evaluated: Yes No

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